We charge time and materials only. Shop rate is a very reasonable $75 per hour.

The Bikes

1949 Panhead...
coming soon »


Moon Rocket ...

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Custom Chrome 40th Anniversary bike...
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The Beautiful Loser...
The bike that lost the "Biker Build Off", but won Americaís heart. Our custom soft tail frame combined with super short forks and minimalist design makes for one hell of a combination if we donít say so ourselves... Learn more »

Special K...
Short, low, aggressive... The Double Decker pulls off the minimal look with grace and power. Learn more »

The Blue Bobber...
From Hot Rod Royalty comes classic customizing! Cole and Pat Foster have concocted what has to be the "crown jewel" of original thinking, in detail, on this modern bobber. It runs just as good as it looks. Learn more »

The Hot Rods & Customs

Hammett's '36 Ford
The Jalopy Journal called it the most important custom car of our generation. We just call it "Kirk's 36." or "Metallicoupe" Learn more »

Henry Gong's '56 Nomad
It's not easy to build a fresh tri-five Chevy. Cole did it by keeping it simple and taking away anything that didn't scream utility or fucntion. The result is a '56 Nomad with a perfect stance and profile. Learn more »


Bob Timmerman's 32 Ford

The Boys took Bob Timmermind's 32 Ford out of the Pumpkin patch it was sitting in to a now classic Hot Rod! New rolling chassis, chevy crate engine, all new interior and black sateen paint (by Saul) finish his new ride! Learn more »






Tarantino's 56 F-100 Truck
As seen of Spike TV, this truck swept up at the Grand National Roadster Show! Classic and Smooth set this F-100 apart from the rest! Learn more »


Cole's '54 Chevy
Cole's '54 Chevy is a study of tradition and class. Clean lines, low stance, and a mean attitude make for a perfect driver. Learn more »